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Please feel free to ask me any hair questions…

question markShould you have any questions about your hair or inquiries about styles, please do not hesitate in contacting me. I will try to answer your questions as accurately as I can 🙂

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  1. Hello, could you help me with some bleaching problems? I want to go a orange/tangerine color (alike to paramore’s hayliegh williams) so I have bleached my hair to lighten it for the orange semi-permanent colour but my hair has come out half yellow and half a tingy orange. Im not sure if I now put the semi-perminant hair dye on it would come out two different shades of orange, so should I bleach just the ends again until they go the same color as the yellow roots or should I use white toner? thanks

    1. Depending on how damaged your hair is depends on whether the colour would be accepted on not. Yes you could bleach the ends up if they are not too damaged. If you put a colour over the top of what you have, it will come out 2 different colours, and very patchy. If you are not using a professional colour stripper,you are also in danger of the colour going alot darker where there is hidden artifical pigments within the hair. You havent said what colour you are aiming for? (target shade) It is advisable to get this work done professionally.

    2. Firstly you will have to lift your hair with Bleach, starting at midlengths and ends first then the roots. It would be good to know what depth your hair is and if you have previous colour on it.
      Then using a colour like paintbox or N’Rage they are called semi permanents (but are not strictly semi’s) go for an orange or tangerine colour and paint on with a brush fading it up to the roots and saturating the ends 🙂 good luck

  2. i’m a 15 year old teenager, and my hair is shoulder lengthed and wavy. But it’s always dry although i use conditioner everytime i wash my hair, it’s also thin/fine, and i’m really afraid of losing most of my hair when i grow up because my mum and dad have thin hair although my brothers don’t. anyway i’d really appreciate it if you tell me what important vitamins i’m supposed to take to promote hair growth and make my hair thicker, and how can i keep my hair healthy so when i grow up i would still have most of it.
    Thank you, Rann.

    1. I have a new amazing product range, if your hair needs moisture, you need to try the Dry range from Phyto. It may be worth combining it with the PhytoKeratin shampoo restructures and hydrates hair, Phytobaume conditioner Hydrates and conditions with Jojoba oil.

    2. The best vitamins to take are multivitamin with B and D vitamins…. healthy hair and skin. Phyto have a Dietary supplement called Phytophanere… for thinning hair. They also do a densifying treatment Shampoo Phytocyane Volume intense spray Phytovolume Actif

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